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A safe compassionate place to achieve happiness and success.

     At RCT Counseling we provide a safe and caring environment for becoming healthier and happier in life, career and relationships.

     Often it is anger, confusion, general unhappiness, or a feeling of being "stuck" that leads adults to looking for a therapist. It is common for people to say that they don't know what is wrong or why they are unhappy. We help sort out your thoughts and feelings, identify the source of your distress and return you to, or obtain for the first time, clarity and happiness.

     We have therapists who specialize with specific ages - children, teens and adults - who have depression, anxiety, adoption issues, stress related disorders, self doubt, body image issue, text anxiety, ADHD, and others. Our counselors have extensive training in advanced therapies, such as Internal Family Systems, EMDR and Play Therapy to provide the best treatment possible. 

     We have extensive education and training in child development, attachment, trauma and disorders of childhood, and the most effective treatment methods to help repair and recover. RCT counselors specialize in the treatment of children with early childhood trauma and Reactive Attachment Disorder. We work with families to strengthen connection and create success in parenting.  We have years of experience and specialized training to work with kids adopted or in DCFS custody.

South Jordan

1204 W. South Jordan Parkway
C - upstairs

South Jordan, UT 84095
801 455-0361



28 No. Main Street / MercPlaza
Suite 3
Tooele, UT 84074
801 455-0361

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