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Attachment & Adoption

     Attachment is the relationship between a child and her parents or primary caregiver and is the foundation for a child's social, emotional and behavioral systems. Without healthy attachment we do not develop a healthy brain with the capacity for positive social relationships or the ability to cope with emotions.


     Attachment disorder is treated with specialized therapy that involves the parent and child working together to teach the child to trust that her parents understand and will meet her needs, and that she is lovable and safe. The child often requires the development of healthy coping strategies to replace the maladaptive strategies utilized. It is likely that the child will also require specialized treatment to heal from traumatic experiences from early childhood. Therapies utilized include Attachment Based Therapy, Parent-Child Interactive Therapy, Play Therapy, TheraPlay, Art Therapy, and EMDR.


When therapy didn't help:
     If therapy didn't work, it is possible that the therapist was not trained in specialized therapies for early childhood trauma and attachment. Attachment trauma is constantly being researched and new approaches being found that are more effective than those of the past. We study early childhood development and trauma and pursue specialized training to ensure that we are assisting with the most effective treatment available.  Ask your child's therapist about TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention), EMDR or Ego State therapies.


Parent Exhaustion:
     Parents of children with attachment and trauma issues are often stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. It can be very difficult to maintain a positive attitude and the level of energy needed to help your special-needs child. Parents often find that typical parenting interventions are unsuccessful.  We teach interventions that are specific to the needs of kids with trauma and kids who are adopted or in foster care.


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