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Ego State Therapy

    The most well-known type of Ego State Therapy is probably Internal Family Systems or IFS.  Ego State therapy repairs feelings of anxiety, depression, imposter symptom, test anxiety, low self worth and even trauma.  People become more self aware and develop healthy coping strategies in the process, while having switches from anxious to calm or even confident.  .    

   One way to understand Ego State Therapy is when people say that "a part of me wants to quit and a part of me doesn't."  We often have conflicting emotions, or we, "go in circles in my head."  Those are different "parts" of us - different thoughts and emotions about one thing.  They can make it hard to make decisions or trust ourselves.  Sometimes we have parts of us that are operating with old information - things we learned from childhood or earlier in life, that logically we no longer subscribe to - and yet we have emotions come up because of them.  People often say, "I know logically it's not true" and yet it continues to create confusion or anxiety. 

   Ego State therapy is helpful for most people and leads to increases in confidence and self-awareness.  For those with trauma, and depending on your level of of anxiety or depression, you may need more (or less) therapy.  You can also talk to your therapist about extended sessions - longer periods of time; eg; instead of 50 minutes you spend 90 minutes or even 3 hours.


South Jordan

1204 W South Jordan Parkway,

South Jordan, Utah
801 455-0361



28 No Main Street, Suite 3

Tooele, UT 84074
801 455-0361

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