Regina Tippets, LCMHC
Clinical Director / Owner
EMDR Certified


     Regina has a strong desire to help others and innate compassion. Your well-being is her priority; she feels a sense of satisfaction and happiness when you attain confidence and feel hopeful and happy. Regina has a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and training and experience in therapies that have lead to happiness and success for her clients, including; EMDR, Internal Family Systems, and Ego State Therapy.  She has specialized training in anxiety, depression, attachment and trauma.  Regina works primarily with adults, at all stages of life, and has 15+ years of experience to assist you in living a fulfilled and joyful life.

     Regina also provides EMDR supervision for clinicians.

Leia Jones, LCSW
Clinical Supervisor


     Leia loves working with children and teens and has specialized training and skills for attachment, adoption, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and ADHD. Her many years of experience have taught her the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment, balanced with consistency and structure. She helps parents cope with the stress of parenting these special needs kids and teens, and is successful in assisting in the creation of a happier and more cohesive family. In increasing her success with parents she has acquired the skills to assist adults as well, with depression, anxiety and trauma. Leia's goals to resolve trauma, increase and secure attachment, and restore happiness is achieved through multiple therapies that are proven to be effective; EMDR, Sandtray, Play Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Internal Family Systems and Neurofeedback.

Wendy Hunt, LCSW


     Wendy initially developed her knowledge and skills with children and families while working with families who adopted from Utah DCFS. Her work there, and her desire to see both parents and kids create a loving and happy family, motivated her to obtain specialized training in attachment, trauma, anxiety and depression. She learned the importance of supporting parents with compassion, knowledge and information that will help them and their children, while providing therapy that goes beyond traditional Play Therapy for kids. Adopted and Special Needs children do not respond to the usual therapy or parenting techniques, and parents are often frustrated and angry - and sometimes misunderstood and alienated by well-meaning family and friends who do not understand the challenges these kids bring to a family. Wendy's desire is to help the whole family heal and grow into a healthier and happier family and she is eager to begin that journey with you.