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Becoming Confident and Happy with EMDR

Becoming Confident and Happy with EMDR

Ever have an encounter where you walk away thinking, "I'm such an idiot," "I'm so embarrassed," or "I can't decide if I should do ___ or ______ ..." Then you beat yourself up or feel depressed or anxious? Just the thought of speaking up in a meeting or having an interview keeps you tongue-tied and your mind goes blank? There is a solution.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, or EMDR, replaces negative thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself with positive feelings and beliefs. It works especially well for those who feel frustrated with lack of progress in previous, more traditional forms of counseling because it goes to the root of the problem.

Instead of trying to force yourself to think more positively, you change how you feel. You have a sense of well-being. You no longer feel anxious when you take a test, meet with your boss, or make a mistake... When you resolve negative beliefs about yourself it brings increased happiness, confidence and better decision-making.

EMDR resolves what counselors call the Little Traumas of everyday life - the events that you don't consider trauma, but have resulted in negative thoughts about yourself or the world. Anything that made you feel "not good enough" is a Little Trauma as opposed to a Big Trauma, like a car crash or a medical emergency.

EMDR has a proven track record of resolving those Big Traumas, but it is also amazing at recovery from the huge impact those Little Traumas have on us in our daily lives. Little traumas are not so little in the way they make us think and feel. They are those things that happened in life that make us feel bad, doubt ourselves and lead to not meeting our potential.

Rather than remembering a moment of humiliation and thinking, "I'm an idiot and everyone is laughing at me," EMDR replaces negative thoughts with more positive and constructive thoughts, like "I made a mistake and I am a good person" or "I am capable." Instead of doubting yourself, you know your strengths and utilize them, while working to improve your weaknesses, without berating yourself.

Imagine feeling confident and happy. Imagine meeting your potential in your life and your career.

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